About NGCW

What is NGCW?

NGCW is Next Generation Championship Wrestling – A fantasy wrestling organization, with matches simulated in WWE 2K18 that air live on TwitchTV and keeps recordings on YouTube.


Who is NGCW for?

Wrestling fans. Creative minds. Roleplayers. Any combination of the above will work. NGCW is for anyone who wants to portray a character, and strive to make their character succeed.


Do I need WWE 2K18 to join?

Not at all. Our matches are all ran as CPU v CPU, so skilled gamers will not have any advantage over those who are more casual players. Therefore, those without the game will be able to enjoy NGCW just as much as anyone else.


Can I submit my own WWE 2K18 Created Wrestler?

Absolutely, but we may modify your moveset, stats and possibly even looks if we deem your character unrealistic or unfair. Additionally, we use Xbox One so we won’t be able to use characters created on Playstation 4. If you would like to use an Xbox One CAW, upload it to the Community Creations with a tag NGCW, and mention it in your application.


How do I join if I’m not on Xbox One?

Reach out to us via social media (Twitter, Facebook) and we can put you in contact with a CAW creator.  This may take some time, so don’t expect to join NGCW overnight, but we want to make NGCW available to everyone.  Have an idea in mind, with reference photos, logo ideas, etc..


Before Joining

What do I need to know before joining?

NGCW is looking for people who want to be an active member of the NGCW roster. We don’t want people who are going to sign up, create a character, and then forget about it. We don’t want people who are going to join, be active for a few weeks, and get discouraged by how they are booked, and give up. We want people who want to grow with NGCW, and make the most out of it.


How are matches decided?

Like real professional wrestling (WWE/TNA/ROH), we have a creative team who tries to create the most compelling story possible. Some matches, we’ll let the video game decide the winner and loser, but for critical matches, the outcomes will be booked beforehand. Additionally, the quality of your promos will hold strong weight over your booking. Write compelling stories, and your character is much more likely to be pushed.



How do I join?

Head “Backstage” to find the application forms. You can apply to join as a wrestler or a manager.


Which is right for me?

Most people will most likely want to apply as a Wrestler. You control one individual athlete, and directly control their fate. You write your own promos, record your own interviews, and pave your path to superstardom. Some on the other hand, might have a real knack for writing or cutting promos, and may like the idea of being a mouthpiece and managing multiple wrestlers. These wrestlers would likely be other peoples characters, who may not be the best at writing or speaking, but have interesting characters that could further be developed by a manager.


What restrictions do I have on creating my Wrestler or Manager?

We ask that you keep your wrestler realistic. We’re more than willing to accept supernatural or demonic characters (Similar to Undertaker or Kane), but we don’t want characters who are actually dead (Zombies), from other planets, etc.. The best character is one that you can relate to and put yourself into. If you’re willing to do voiceovers for your character, also try to come up with a character who would sound like you do. Believeability is key.


Anything else?

Really think about your character before applying. What makes them different from others? We want you to stand out from the crowd. If you want to be a babyface, think about what makes a babyface. If you want to be a heel, what makes you a better heel than the next guy?


Once Accepted

Now what do I do?

Our best suggestion is to look around on the forums and see how other people are participating. Once you get a feel for how things are ran, you can start off with an introductory promo, or possibly jump into one that’s already going on if it fits.


Can I reference WWE, WCW, ECW, TNA, ROH, etc..?

No. WWE superstars typically don’t mention TNA wrestlers, and TNA Knockouts typically don’t mention WWE Women Superstars. We would prefer to do the same.


How much effort do I have to put in?

Short answer, is it’s up to you. The long answer is, the more active you are on the forums, the more often you’re going to get “booked” and win. If you have a big match coming up, you should be interacting with your opponent. It doesn’t have to be every day, but periodically throughout the build of the match. The more invested you are in your character, and the more development that goes into your character, the better.


How do I get booked in a match?

Matches usually come from feuds that begin in the Locker Room forum. If you have a bone to pick with someone, let them hear about it. Keep in contact with management, and let them know what you think would make an interesting storyline. We love discussing angles and feuds with you, and all matches need to go through us before they are booked (preferably before they are even issued). We may have plans for someone already, and if someone else goes and issues a challenge to that person for the same show, it gets messy. Work with management. We’re here to make this fun for everyone!

Have a question? Send us an e-Mail to management@ngcw.tv.