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September 24, 2017

Written by Management

With the release of WWE 2K18 rapidly approaching, I wanted to break down some changes I am implementing in this years NGCW season – specifically pertaining to submitting characters for our shows.

In years past, I accepted characters for members as they joined, sometimes I’d make some tweaks, or make suggestions to the user to make tweaks of their own, and once they were finished, that would be it for the remainder of the year. This year, the goal is to get people more engaged in their character, continually improving upon them, and growing as a character. In addition, in the past, I didn’t really have any specific rules for when uploading characters, as I would make any needed tweaks myself. This year, that will also be changing.

Like every year, here at NGCW, we strive to be an innovator in CAW wrestling. We push to have high production value in our shows, so we expect the same in your characters. We want every character to look original enough to where you wouldn’t be surprised to see them step foot on a real WWE stage, or into a real WWE ring. We don’t want generic characters that look like you spent 25 minutes in the game just to get something made. Don’t use generic face template morphing. Don’t use ring attire that is obviously another WWE stars. Add custom textures to make things look original/unique. If you don’t have the ability to make a texture you want, ask us. We’re here to help you make your character better.

Now that we have some information about this years creation suite, I can start to explain what I’ll be looking for when it comes to submitting characters. Once the game is released, I will be posting a form link (on the backstage forums) for all members. This form can be used to submit a new character, as well as make revisions (uploading a PPV attire, adding a new move to your repertoire, etc..). Exact rules for character creation will be included on the form, but here is a rundown of the requirements (subject to change)

– Character overall should be no higher than 85.
All stats should be balanced. We don’t want people minimizing stats that aren’t that important to their characters, just so they can boost more crucial stats to give their character an advantage. In NGCW, all matches are booked in advance, so if you were booked to lose, this won’t help your character win. We want characters to act as realistic as possible, so be realistic when assigning your stats.

– Attire One should be your in-ring attire. Attire Two should be an alternate attire we can use for backstage segments, promos, etc..
This will give us more options when having your character interact in segments outside of matches. We may have a specific need for a segment where we’ll ask you to create (or if we can create) an alternate attire for something, but this will give us something to work with in a pinch. When NGCW begins taking character uploads for 2K18, we’ll ask you to have two separate versions of your character ready to upload. One for weekly shows, and one for our first PPV (currently unannounced). If you don’t plan on having a special PPV attire, one upload is acceptable.

– Glow and Blacklight effects will likely be disallowed from weekly shows
There may be a few characters who we greenlight to use these effects on a week to week basis, but generally speaking, if it isn’t really needed for your character, don’t use them. For PPVs, if it suits your character, and you think it’ll make their entrance shine, let’s discuss it. Show me an example or walk me through what you have in mind.

– Movesets should be realistic to your character
In years past, we have been somewhat lax when it comes to movesets, but this year, they have to be realistic. If your character is a high flyer, they shouldn’t be able to deadlift powerbomb a 350 pound man. Alternatively, if your character is 350+ pounds, they probably shouldn’t be doing shooting star presses all that often. There is no hard rules as far as what we’ll allow or disallow, but just keep your character in mind, and think about if he/she would actually be doing these moves. We’re creating characters here. Not just slapping on a few dozen moves that look cool. Also, if a move is especially flashy/unique, it should probably be a signature or a finisher. An omega driver probably shouldn’t be used as a normal move. Once characters are accepted, their finishers and signature moves will be added to a list that will be made public to the members of NGCW, and those moves will be disallowed to use in anyone elses moveset (some exceptions may be made if someone chooses a very common move as one of their sigs/finishes.)

– Entrances should be realistic as well
Not everyone should have a blackout Bray Wyatt style entrance. I know they look cool, but if your gimmick doesn’t call for it, let’s not. If your character isn’t a demonic character, they probably don’t need fire. You probably don’t need 4 straight minutes of pyro. Be sensible when creating it. Also, think about your place on the card. If you’re the NGCW champion, some pyro is justified. If you’re just joining and haven’t established your character, let’s keep it simple. You gotta earn that pyro budget!

All in all, we hope these guidelines will help for creating a better, more realistic show. We really want NGCW to be something special this year, and with your help, we think it can be!

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