September 6, 2017

Written by Management

If you’ve been keeping tabs on our social media, or checking up on our Backstage forums — you may have noticed that we’re working towards a 2K18 relaunch.  Is a relaunch certain?  No.  But we’re damn sure gonna try!

Full disclosure, 2K17 was not my game and 2017 was not my year.  The game was riddled with bugs and restrictions that just made creating a CAW show a huge challenge.  Could it have been done?  Certainly.  But I also had recently started working two jobs (in the real world!) and started a new relationship.  (I know, excuses excuses!)  With all that being said; life feels better, this years game is looking great (fingers crossed) and we’re reinvigorated and excited to bring a whole new chapter to NGCW!

By our count, NGCW has had 67 shows (including NGCW Live, PPV events and a few random “house show” type shows early on).  We’ll be damned if we don’t make it to 100 some day!

So, what is our vision to making 2K18 a better year for NGCW?  This is where some people will either get more interested, or less interested in continuing/joining with NGCW.  This year, our vision is to be less of an e-Fed, and more of a show. The forum roleplaying aspect will be significantly reduced (if not eliminated outright), and will be replaced with in-show promos, YouTube exclusives (during non-show hours to keep engagement up, etc..), and social media engagement (in-character Twitter, etc.)

The backstage forum likely will no longer be used for “roleplaying,” but instead, used as a platform for competitors to work together like an actual locker room.  People can brainstorm ideas to make their potential feuds better, and more enjoyable.  The idea is to make a show that’s more enjoyable to watch, and something that a random viewer can stumble on and figure out what’s going on, just from watching the show, without having to read pages and pages of text posts.

With the reduction/removal of forum roleplaying, that means that all promos will need to be voiced (I’m not doing text on screen. That defeats the purpose of removing the forum posting)..  I’m currently on the lookout for any voice actors willing to contribute their time, but if you feel comfortable enough to voice your own characters (or have a friend/family member do it), that is highly encouraged/preferred.

We plan to put a much greater emphasis on realism and quality when it comes to CAW creation.  Movesets will be scrutinized much more (Making sure people aren’t using other characters Finishers/Signatures as normal moves, or assigning special/crazy moves as moves they’ll use all the time).  CAWs will be rejected if they don’t look like they could step out onto a WWE stage, etc..

All in all, we think this direction for NGCW will make it a much better product, while still being just as fun.  I’d love to hear your thoughts/feedback/concerns, so if you have any, feel free to message me here, on Twitter or on Facebook.

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