Resurrection: Who is our new Champion?

February 9, 2017

Written by Management

On Thursday Night — After six grueling tag team matches, pitting teams of returning NGCW veterans with newcomers…  After two exhilarating 6-man battle royals…  We were left with only two men.  Logan Hail versus Jason Spade, to determine the brand new NGCW Champion.  Who walked out of NGCW Resurrection with the gold?

We saw Logan Hail attempt to utilize his size advantage throughout this match.  Hail, at 6’5″ and 234 pounds, attempted to overwhelm the 5’8″ 186 pound Spade.  Jason Spade, however, used his veteran ring awareness and speed to even out the playing field.

The match started off very back and forth, with both men focusing on a strong ground game.  Both men showcased a variety of strikes and grapple techniques, proving to the other just how well rounded their arsenal is.

The action began to pick up as the men took the match from their feet, to the air.  Logan Hail sent the action to new heights first, performing an impressive springboard clothesline maneuver from the ring apron into the center of the ring.  Jason Spade promptly responded with several top rope attacks of his own.

This match continued to be a very competitive one, with both men having well scouted their opponent, reversing each others attacks, and countering with powerful ones of their own.

At one point in the match, Logan Hail caught Jason Spade in his excruciating submission hold which he calls “Submission Impossible.”  Things weren’t looking good for Spade, as he was caught in the center of the ring. With nowhere to go, Spade fought as long as he could, eventually freeing himself with a well placed knee to the temple of Hail.  This strike disoriented Hail momentarily, and Jason Spade was able to get a bit of momentum, until he was able to keep Hail down long enough to scale to the top rope.  Spade then decided to attempt a signature move of his own — a devastating double foot stomp from the top rope in which he calls the “Ace of Spades.”

Spade quickly went for the cover, and Hail managed to kick out after a 2-count, to the surprise of everyone, especially Jason Spade.  Spade channeled the NGCW fans energy, and pulled Hail in for a Lansingburgh Lobotomy, Spade’s trademark maneuver, which kept Logan Hail down for the 1..  2..  3!

Jason Spade rolled out of the ring to celebrate with his friends and family who were in attendance, seated in the front row.  The referee brought Spade his newly earned gold, and Spade couldn’t have been happier.  After years of getting so close and just falling short, he finally walks out of NGCW Resurrection as the brand new NGCW Champion.

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