Showing No Mercy

January 10, 2018

Written by Management

This week’s NGCW Overdrive was hosted in Seattle’s very own KeyArena in front of 15,714 fans!

The Asylum v. Gavin Hawkins & Brandon Paul

The night started off with the dominant in-ring return of NGCW Veterans, Lucifer Thorne and the EDE, The Asylum! The two brave souls to step up to these monsters were none other than Seattle’s very own Redhawks: Gavin Hawkins and Brandon Paul. After a disgusting psychological attack and a brutal physical assault to James Cross last week, The Asylum were riding on a wave of momentum with very little desire to stop. Tonight, there was no psychology necessary. The Asylum destroyed the Seattle natives with very little offense back. After brutalizing both men with his pure offensive power,  the EDE showed a rare act of mercy by ending Gavin Hawkins with a Dance with the Devil.

Winners: The Asylum by Pinfall

Phillip Pryde v. Cameron Kray

Marking the debut for Phillip Pryde and the return of Cameron Kray, this was a match filled with an aspiration to show the world what they’re made of by both men. Tonight, Cameron Kray’s technical prowess and ferocious striking ability made short work of the gamer, and once Phillip Pryde was caught in the Bottom of the Thames, with no ropes to save him, it was all over.

Winner: Cameron Kray by Submission

After the match, Cameron Kray took to the microphone to air some of his grievances with the company. He spoke about his anger over managements obvious favoritism towards one of his opponents at NGCW Resurrection – Gabriel Cassidy – and the selection of Logan Hail to represent NGCW in a tournament earlier last year. He stated that these men didn’t earn the right to be treated as well as they were. Cameron Kray warned management that he would take the opportunities that he has earned by force, and if they didn’t believe him, then he and people like him would shut NGCW down for good.

Tiffany Razor v. Sojo Lyn

Both of these women made their debut in NGCW tonight, and both wanted to show the world that they have what it takes to become the NGCW Womens Champion. This competitive match took place both inside and outside of the ring and combined a fiery offense from both parties. At the end, Tiffany Razor barely escaped a Black Moon Eclipse, and out of anger – or desperation – Razor brutally attacked Lyn with a steel chair. Tiffany Razor may have lost the match, but she left the ring on top.

Winner: Sojo Lyn by Disqualification

Josh Omega v. Logan Hail (Brawl Series Match)

Coming off of a tough loss last week by Shay Hoxton, Josh Omega came to this match with a drive to take back the Brawl Series and make it to the finals. Logan Hail on the other hand came in with more confidence than ever, after his controversial win last week against Liam Mercer put him in a distant first place above all other Brawl Series competitors. Both men quickly threw their strongest attacks at each other, but by the end it was Josh Omega’s Samoan Elbow that proved to be superior, allowing him to score the win, 8:04 into the match.

Winner: Josh Omega by Pinfall [2 points in the Brawl Series]

Chris Proudfoot v. Crazy J (Brawl Series Match)

Last week, Chris Proudfoot suffered a surprising loss from long time friend, Duke Bishop. Going into his match with Crazy J, he planned to jump back into the Brawl Series with a dominant victory. Crazy J, however, is no stepping stone, and had something to prove tonight.  After a barbaric back and forth match up, both men had the ability to end it, but it was Crazy J and his Psycho Ward that won the night after 4:59, that put him on the board.

Winner: Crazy J by Pinfall [6 points in the Brawl Series]

Tone White v. Duke Bishop (Brawl Series Match)

Tonight brought us a must see match-up that no one knew they wanted. Both men threw everything they had at each other and kept getting back up. Both men had the fans sitting on the edge of their seats the whole way through.  With such power from both sides, it was not expected that “the demigod” Tone White and “Iron” Duke Bishop would take each other to the timer. But in the end, the clock reached zero and the bell rang.

Draw [No points awarded]

Stephen Johnson v. Liam Mercer (Brawl Series Match)

Pure hatred brought this match to an end before it even began. After a few minutes of back and forth action, Stephen Johnson and Liam Mercer quickly took it into the crowd. The referee was forced to end the match in a double count-out, but neither man cared.  After a cold blooded brawl, both men traded finishers on the solid concrete floor. The referee came in to separate the battered men, but fury brought them both to their feet, and they continued to fight until Overdrive had to go off the air, the cameras had no choice but to cut out.

Draw [No points awarded]

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