The Shooter makes his mark

January 27, 2018

Written by Management

This week’s NGCW Overdrive was hosted in Boise, Idaho in the Taco Bell Arena in front of 12,042 fans!

Brad Wicked v. PJ Moon

The night started off with the returning Wicked One squaring off against a debuting Unicorn. Both men came with a single goal in mind: make a name for themselves. You could feel the drive both men had in this extremely back and forth matchup. After trading many high powered moves including multiple Moonstomps and the always dangerous Conduct of Life, it was PJ Moon who had the most passion for victory. Using his trademark Moonshot, PJ Moon walked out of his debut with a victory to his name.

Winner: PJ Moon by Pinfall

After this, we saw Mathias Grey make his way down to the ring. This was a very different Mathias Grey than we’ve seen in NGCW’s past, and he made it very clear to remind us of it. Mathias bragged about his recent A-Lister success in the acting world and his wealth. Dubbing his former psychotic self a ruse, he patted himself on the back for successfully tricking the world into believing this character. He let the world know that this one of a kind talent wasn’t just a star at acting, but also a star at wrestling, and issued an open challenge to anyone on the roster. He happily invited anyone stupid enough to step in the ring with The Marvelous One.

Mathias Grey v. James Kelly

The challenge was answered by none other than The Phoenix Prince himself. The two men clashed in both a battle of talent and egos. At the end, James Kelly hit Grey with the Off With Your Head – a schoolboy transitioned to a superkick – but took an extra moment to gloat rather than go for the pinfall. This extra moment was all Mathias Grey needed, and he managed to trap Kelly in his Triborough Lock. There was no better way for Grey to pull this off, combing both his acting experience with his MMA background, and James Kelly was forced to tap out.

Winner: Mathias Grey by Submission

Austin Loki v. Killian Redd

Astonished. That’s the only word you could describe the crowd after the return of the three year NGCW Veteran. The high flyer from Puerto Rico made his way down to the ring and was ready to finally solidify himself in the history books of NGCW. One man who was not star stunned, however, was Loki’s opponent tonight: Killian Redd. The match began with Loki catching Redd off guard with a quick kick to the chest. This surprised the Louisianimal, and in that quick moment Austin Loki managed to get in a few more quick strikes. Unfortunately, Loki soon realized that he was trying to hit a brick wall, and as soon as Redd came down from his surprise, there was nothing left in his mind but pure aggression. Killian brutalized Austin Loki in front of the Idaho crowd, and finished him off with a Redd Alert in less than a minute.

Winner: Killian Redd by Pinfall

Adam Ashes v. Duke Bishop (Brawl Series Match)

Two men: one an unstoppable force, the other an immovable object, both driven for the victory they need. The two powerhouses went at each other with absolutely everything they had at all times, and both went as far as to try to physically injure the other at multiple time throughout the match. Both men were at a unique angle that neither have been in for quite a while in this match, seeing as both are typically the larger and stronger man. Adam Ashes was forced to face a much larger foe, and Duke Bishop now had to handle a man who did have the strength to manhandle him. At the end of the day, it was the former NGCW Champion’s Frozen Sledge that took down Iron Duke Bishop in six minutes exactly, finally delivering Adam Ashes the points he’s lusted after since day one in the Brawl Series.

Winner: Adam Ashes by Pinfall [5 points in the Brawl Series]

Chris Proudfoot v. Tone White (Brawl Series Match)

With surprisingly poor results from these two favorites to win, both men were desperate for a victory here tonight. Both brought their A Game, ready for everything the other had. Chris Proudfoot nearly had Tone White on the ropes, ready to take him out with his signature CP-48, but Tone White caught him midair, attempting to hit the White Out. Proudfoot showed that Tone wasn’t the only man who knew his way around the ring, and midair he reversed the powerful move into a DDT. With the crowd on their feet and not an idea on who could win, they erupted with excitement when Tone White eventually caught Canada’s Finest Export and defeated him with the White Out in 7:03. Unfortunately, this was the final match in Chris Proudfoot’s Brawl Series, and at two points, he has been officially eliminated.

Winner: Tone White by Pinfall [3 points in the Brawl Series]

Josh Omega v. Liam Mercer (Brawl Series Match)

Starting off the second block in the Brawl Series, we saw Josh Omega and Liam Mercer face off in Liam Mercer’s final Brawl Series match. Both men know the importance a victory would contain. Hot off his win against Logan Hail last week, Josh Omega began the match with the momentum in his favor. Eventually, Liam Mercer’s will to end his Brawl Series with a strong win helped him take control in the matchup, but of course, this would not be a Liam Mercer match without controversy. While the referee was distracted, Stephen Johnson interfered in the match up and attacked The Shooter. Seemingly knocked out by his rival’s attack, Josh Omega happily covered Mercer for the pin. Liam Mercer’s strong will refused to let him end his Series that way, and using pure instinct alone, he managed to kick out. Continuing to fight, Mercer managed to pick Josh Omega up for the Mercy Kill, making sure The Shooter went out with a bang. He won in 5:07 and is currently rank one in his block at ten points.

Winner: Liam Mercer by Pinfall [5 points in the Brawl Series]

Shay Hoxton v. Stephen Johnson (Brawl Series Match)

All week, Shay Hoxton has attempted to get out of facing the dominant Stephen Johnson, but after forcing management to jump through multiple hoops, the match took place in the main event of tonight’s show. The match started with Hoxton getting a cheap shot on Johnson, a move that only temporarily phased the giant, who quickly took over. The match continued this way for quite a while with Big Johnson overpowering Hoxton, who would slither out of everything he could and try to steal a quick win. In a sight that nobody expected to see, Shay Hoxton managed to lift Johnson not once, but twice, hitting both the Suplex Number Nine and his self proclaimed, “World Famous” 21. Johnson kicked out of the 21, leaving Hoxton in absolute shock and high amounts of concern on if he physically could keep the big man down. This is a worry he wouldn’t need for much longer, as Liam Mercer ran in and attacked Hoxton. With the match officially over, The Shooter took out his rival in an act of revenge, giving Johnson not only a beatdown, but also a loss at 6:31. After all the insults and attacks Stephen Johnson threw at the man, it was Liam Mercer who would stand tall at the end of the night.

Winner: Shay Hoxton by Disqualification [4 points in the Brawl Series]

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