The Wolff strikes on Overdrive Premiere

December 6, 2017

Written by Management

NGCW Overdrive kicked off it’s series premiere in front of a packed house of 12,214 howling San Diego fans!


Liam Mercer v. Shay Hoxton (Brawl Series Match)

The show kicked off with an NGCW newcomer, Liam Mercer, facing off against former NGCW Champion, Shay Hoxton.  In the end, Mercer overcame the NGCW veteran by connecting with the “Mercy Kill,” scoring the first points in the Brawl Series, and the most of the night.

Winner: Liam Mercer by pinfall (5 Points in the Brawl Series)

After the match, we saw Stephen Johnson watching the match on a backstage monitor.  What does he think of newcomer, Liam Mercer?


Chris Proudfoot v. Adam Ashes (Brawl Series Match)

These two men are no strangers to each other, but it’s been almost two years since they’ve stepped into the ring with each other, one-on-one.  The men fought to the outside, but Proudfoot managed to get back in to the ring at the count of 9, winning the match via countout.

Winner: Chris Proudfoot by countout (2 Points in the Brawl Series)

After the match, our backstage interviewer attempted to get word with Shay Hoxton, but Shay wanted nothing to do with her, and blew her off completely.

Isabella White v. Lexi Maleka

Our women showed that they’re not here to mess around.  Both women took it to each other, back and forth, but once Isabella hit Lexi with  her signature “Black Out,” Lexi’s spotlight went out.

Winner: Isabella White

After the match, Isabella extended her hand to Lexi in a show of good sportsmanship, but Lexi brushed it away, and stormed to the back.


Stephen Johnson v. Logan Hail (Brawl Series Match)

NGCW veteran, Stephen Johnson, took on the NGCW Resurrection runner-up, Logan Hail.  These men pulled out all the stops, but Stephen Johnson proved once again that size DOES matter, as he put Logan away with the “Big Package Piledriver.”

Winner: Stephen Johnson by pinfall (3 Points in the Brawl Series)


Mordedura v. Brother Eli

Two NGCW alumni returned to the yellow brand tonight, and the tale of the tape between these two men couldn’t be any more different.  Brother Eli dwarfed Mordedura, standing at 6’4″ and 355 pounds, compared to Mordedura at 5’7″, 192.  Mordedura had the deck stacked against him, including a distraction from the back when Chris Proudfoots music started blaring over the loudspeakers.  But Mordedura snuck out the win, hitting Brother Eli with his patented “Venom” for the win.

Winner: Mordedura


Crazy J v. Tone White (Brawl Series Match)

Crazy J and Tone White are both well regarded figures among the wrestling community, but this was both of their NGCW debuts.  These men were billed as the main event of the night, and their match earned that billing.  With mere seconds left on the clock, Tone White hit his foe with the “White Out,” and that was it for Crazy J.

Winner: Tone White (1 Point in the Brawl Series)

Jason Spade © v. James Cross (NGCW Championship Match)

Jason Spade was slated to come out and address the NGCW fans, describing his NGCW journey and his quest for gold.  After all was said and done, Spade laid out an open challenge for the NGCW Championship to anyone in the back who chose to accept it.  The sounds of a revving engine echoed through the arena, and out rode James Cross.  James Cross couldn’t wait to get back into the action, and put on a very respectable showing against the champ.  However, the Lansingburgh Lobotomoy was what it took to put Cross out for the night.

Winner: Jason Spade

After the match, we saw a man rush the ring from the crowd, and took out the champ.  Once this man had Spade down, he stepped back, and lunged in with a huge curb stomp attack on Spade.  At this point, we started to put the pieces together.  As this man dropped down to his hands and knees and started pounding on the canvas, we knew what was about to unfold.  “WOLFF BITE!”  Alex Wolff drops Jason Spade for one final time, before posing for the NGCW fans, as his music blares, and the show comes to a close.

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