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December 29, 2017

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This week’s NGCW Overdrive was hosted in Portland, Oregon in front of 12,456 raucous NGCW fans!

We start the show with the official return of the 2015 Onslaught Tournament winner, 2015 NGCW Wrestler of the Year, former NGCW Tag Team Champion, NGCW Extreme Champion, and NGCW Champion, Alex Wolff. After responding to NGCW Champion Jason Spade’s promo last week, recounting his history to win the title, with his own version, he lays down the challenge for the championship match at Brawl 2018. Spade has accepted and it’s official! The title match will take place at the Pay-Per-View!

Shay Hoxton v. Josh Omega (Brawl Series Match)

Shay Hoxton once again kicks off the show this week, this time facing the debuting Josh Omega. After a crushing defeat from Liam Mercer last week, Hoxton got back on track with a surprise “21”, his finishing maneuver, using his psychology to bait in Omega to get the victory in arguably one of the best matches of the night.

Winner: Shay Hoxton by pinfall [4 Points in the Brawl Series]

Chris Proudfoot v. Duke Bishop (Brawl Series Match)

After Proudfoot’s controversial win over Adam Ashes last week, everyone was expecting to see a similar plan come to fruition this week as he took on Duke Bishop. Bishop; however, was going to make sure that didn’t happen and made short work of Proudfoot, beating him in 3:58 with the powerful “Brick City Bomb”. What does the future hold for this powerful brawler from Jersey?

Winner: Duke Bishop by pinfall [7 Points in the Brawl Series]

Mordedura v. Killian Redd

Mordedura had a huge, upset victory last week over the much bigger Brother Eli. He looked to have the same luck this week over the returning NGCW star Killian Redd. Since we last saw him, Killian is bigger, meaner, stronger, and better than he ever was during his first run and he proved that by beating Mordedura in quick, easy fashion in one minute flat with the “Redd Alert”. Shocked by this stunning victory, we’re all waiting to see where this newfound determination will take Killian Redd.

Winner: Killian Red by pinfall

After the match, Killian Redd added insult to injury by beating down Mordedura before the referee separated them.

Isabella White v. Ashley Kelly

For the second week in a row, the women of NGCW showed off their skills, having a great match to rival last week’s. After a very back-and-forth match with brawling, speed, and high-flying, Isabella White defeated Ashley Kelly with the “Botch Job” taking the Queen off her throne for the time being.

Winner: Isabella White by pinfall

Crazy J v. Adam Ashes (Brawl Series Match)

When you talk about great Brawl matches, you have to include this one in your list. The Face of NGCW, Adam Ashes took on Crazy J in a fantastic contest that saw both men come close to winning. In the end, right after he hit his finishing move the “Psycho Ward,” Crazy J went for the pinfall, but the time ran out and neither man was awarded points for the Brawl Series. Although nobody lost the match, both men will feel the impact of not getting a win.

Winner: Draw [No Brawl Points Awarded]

Logan Hail v. Liam Mercer (Brawl Series Match)

Before the match started, Stephen Johnson attacked Liam Mercer as he was making his entrance, clubbing him in the back and throwing him against the stairs, injuring his shoulder. The feud between these two men started over Twitter, but has spilled over into the Brawl Series. After Liam got into the ring, the referee rang the bell and Logan Hail took advantage. Points are points, right? After locking in the Submission Impossible, Logan Hail made Mercer tap out for the first time in his career and winning the most Brawl points of the night, an impressive number 9.

Winner: Logan Hail by submission [9 Points in the Brawl Series]

The main event of the night was supposed to be James Cross versus the returning NGCW star Chris Aaron, but as Aaron’s entrance music was playing, the lights went dark. As ominous music started to fill the arena, we saw a figure appear on the ramp. Dressed in black wedding apparel, it was the image of Cross’ fiance, Jackie.

(WARNING: What follows is a disturbing account of what happened to Jackie.)
Jackie was kidnapped by Shine, a dark, religious figure, and was used as a blood sacrifice to bring the dead EDE back from the grave. Since his return from the other side, The EDE won the Extreme title before NGCW went on hiatus in 2016. Back to the present: as Jackie was making her way to the ring, we saw the confused look of a man desperate for his former lover in Cross’ eyes. The lights went out again. As they turned back on, The Asylum, The EDE and Lucifer Thorne were in the ring and attacked James Cross. The Asylum stood tall over their fallen foe, and this story is only just getting started. How will this all unfold leading into Brawl 2018? Tune in for the next NGCW Overdrive to find out.

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